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2022 Date: Wednesday 25th May

Venue: Centennial Park

Convener: Annette Peudevin Crown St PS

Program commences 9.30 am with walk the course at 10 am



9.30 am Walk the course

10.15am 10 Years Girls2000m


10.35am 10 Years Boys2000m


10.55am 8/9 Years Girls2000m


11.15  8/9 Years Boys2000m


11.35pm 11 Years Girls3000m


12.00pm 11 Years Boys3000m


12.25pm 12/13 Years Girls3000m


12.50pm 12/13 Years Boys 3000m


1.15pm-1;30 pm Completion



1) The above times are a guide only. Races will start upon completion of previous race at the convener’s discretion.

2) Suitable footwear is required. NO SPIKES are allowed.
3) Competitors must be members of a school team and 6 Competitors from each school per race
4) The first 6 placegetters in each event will represent the Zone at the SEPSSA Cross Country Championships to be held at Miranda Park, Miranda on 14 June 2018.

5 ) If Council closes the grounds due to heavy rain , all schools will be emailed in the morning of the carnival at approximately 7:30 am.

and a message placed on South Sydney Zone website.

SEPSSA Cross Country 

Wednesday 15th June 2022

Miranda Park, Miranda

Event Information:

SE - Primary Cross Country Championship (

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